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Swing FAQ

New to the dance? Wondering which shoes to wear? Curious about swing music? Click below!

Social Dancing

Join us every Friday night for a fun night of social dancing in the heart of downtown Montreal. Only $10! Drop-in beginner and intermediate lessons at 8:30 pm. No partner or dance experience needed!

Swing Dancing Classes

Our Classes

We offer six-week sessions in Swing, Balboa, Blues, and Tap. Read on to learn more about what we teach in our classes.


Teacher training with Marie N’Diaye

On Cat’s Corner’s 20th anniversary and the 5th edition of our annual teacher’s training sessions, we would like to welcome our very special guest: Marie N’Diaye.
The training sessions will take place at Cat’s Corner’s studios on Wednesday the 24th, Thursday the 25th and Monday the 29th of October from 7 PM to 10 PM in both French and English.
These workshops can be taken separately although continuity is highly recommended.
We’ll be concentrating on these three great questions: Why – What and How.
WHY do we teach Lindy Hop? What are our intentions?
WHAT is Lindy hop? What does this dance style mean to us? What values are we looking to share with our students?
HOW do we apply these ideas in our practice? How, for example, can we guide instead of instruct and by doing so, accompany the dancers in their personal experience and support their self-expression?
Marie will be lending her breadth of experience to these essential questions in order to help teachers add substance to their practice and help them express the depth of meaning associated with the rich history of this dance style. Leaning mostly on the vernacular of Lindy Hop and jazz styles, these training sessions remain pertinent for any swing or blues styles’ transmission.
Ex-Alumni and ex-faculty of Cat’s Corner, her doctorate studies brought her to settle in Stockholm, in the cradle of the Rhythm and the Harlem Hot Shots. Spirited and fundamentally independent, she’s continued her dance explorations by taking on a variety of disciplines (contemporary, ballet, tap…) in order to enrich and solidify her understanding of the original tradition and culture of Harlem’s Jazz dance styles. Her tremendous talent and singular journey has brought her to collaborate with numerous artists and to spend most of her time with many who have forged the renown of Lindy hop in it’s heyday. She’s notably invested her time in the meticulous research of the tradition of Chorus Lines in Harlem clubs, of their showgirls and styles and transmitting this knowledge with the world. Both humble and self-assured, demanding and welcoming, she is known for acting as a ‘big sister’ to those who’ve had the privilege to work with her. We are very happy to welcome her home, here, in Montreal.
– 130$ for the full 9h workshop
– 145$ at the door
– 50$ a-la-carte per day
– 60$ a-la-carte per day at the door

Cat’s Corner turns 20! Lets celebrate!

Cat’s Corner eXchange 20th anniversary edition!
For this years’ CCX we’re dressing up to the nines to celebrate Cat’s Corner’s 20th anniversary!
Join the party at the majestic Rialto theater prepare to welcome an amazing cast of guests coming in from all over the world! Get ready for Gordon Webster, Marie N’Diaye, Travis Knights, Mike Thibault, des ‘’Street dancers’’, and several others to fill you up with jazz. 
We hope to see you at the party!
Click here for more information and registration

Open house week! Sept. 10-16

Don’t miss our Open House week; we are offering free dance classes all week. We will have lots of fun and interesting classes, such as: Swing, Balboa, Blues, Tap, and Solo dancing.
No dance partner or experience required! No need to sign up in advance, just show up for the beginning of the class.

Friday Night Dance

Downtown Stomp (DTS) nights are Cat’s Corner’s social dance nights on Fridays. Admission price is $10, cash only. The price includes a class of your choice. Two levels are available early in the evening, beginner at 8:30pm and intermediate at 8:45pm. Social dancing starts at 9:30pm and lasts until 1am. No reservation, experience or partner required. Drop-in and come have fun! We are located at 3451 Saint-Laurent Blvd. on the 3rd floor, north of Sherbrooke Street, right across from the Esso gas station. We ask that you bring a clean and dry pair of shoes for dancing.

See more information about swing at Cat’s Corner here.

1 and 2 Special

Take advantage of our special: Sign up here for level 1 & 2 of swing, blues or balboa over 12 weeks for just $175, or $150 for full time students!


Music Resources for Swing Dancing

Swing Music on Spotify

Check out our Spotify account for a good music resource. It includes a variety of playlists by our talented DJs, as well as a few lists of songs categorized by beats per minute (BPM).

Slow Swing: 84– 100 BPM
Moderate Swing: 104– 152 BPM
Medium Up Swing: 160 – 200 BPM
Up Swing: 208 – 252 BPM

(If you don’t yet have a Spotify account, set one up so you can hear these tunes!)

Our Beginner Playlist : for songs that are not-too-fast, not-too-slow, with clear rhythm, that are easy to dance to, and great for practice!

Click here for more musical resources!

A living dance studio and community

Our mission

A living dance. A living studio.
A living community.

In our collective mind’s eye, we see a place that is home to a vibrant and continuously evolving swing dance community.

A place where generations meet, relationships are built, energies are exchanged, history is preserved and created anew.

A place where passion for swing dance is born, is nurtured and where people are encouraged to reach new heights of self-expression.

A place where we are kind to ourselves and kind to one another as we evolve and grow.

We see a thriving, socially responsible, sustainable business that provides the opportunities for people to be what they love, according to their abilities, talents and needs. A living dance. A living studio. A living community.

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