April 11-14, 2024

Chester Whitmore – Natasha Powell – Sarah Elola

An annual event: We strongly believe that Jazz dance cannot exist in isolation. It needs external influences to grow and be part of a living culture. The event has been inspired by artists who found the tools and means to bridge past and present and ground the expression of the dance and its culture in the awareness of the time and world we live in today.

Goals: This weekend of workshops will allow you to deepen your understanding of multiple fundamental aspects of the dance, oral teaching traditions, wider cultural influences, social dancing, participative culture and the importance of music at the center of it all. Open to all levels! An experience that you will not want to miss. Everyone is welcome!

Prerequisites: a desire to learn, to listen, to watch, to feel. Jazz is for all. Jazz is for you!

More Details to Come!!

Check the 2023 programming for reference:

Our guests

Breai Michele Mason-Campbell


Chester Whitmore


Our musical director

Michael Srey & the Swing Legacy Band


Swing Legacy Small Combo – Friday and Saturday nights
Michaël Srey, Piano – Band leader
Trumpet 1 : João Lenhari
Trumpet 2 : Daniel Boisvert-Couture
Trombone : Margaret Donovan
Saxophone, clarinet 1 : Eli Lajoie
Saxophone, clarinet 2 : Alexandre Ambroise
Guitare, banjo : Andy Mac
Bass : Ira Coleman
Drum : Christina Beaudry-Cardenas

Swing Legacy Small Combo – Saturday class
Saxophone : Eli Lajoie
Michaël Srey : Piano
Bass : Ira Coleman
Drum : Wali Muhammad

Mother Africa – Saturday class with drums
Lasso Sanou

PRICES & SCHEDULE (subject to change without notice):

Launch Special (first 10 registrations): $185
Early Bird February: $199
Regular Price March: $209
At the door: $219
(Sliding scale prices available. Volunteering upon request)

Thursday, April 6th (for the 100lux members)

 – 8pm: Community class “Jazz dance for Street dancers” at Espace Sans Luxe (6502 Avenue du Parc) with Chester A. Whitmore & Breai Michele (not included in the event pass)
Friday April 7th 
 – 10am-12:30pm: Performing Jazz with Chester Whitmore
 – 2pm-4:30pm: Partying with Jazz with Breai Michele
 – 6:15-7:15pm: Intro-to-Tap with Suzanne Bruneau
 – 7:30-8:30pm: Intro-to-Swing with Breai Michele & Kofi Arthiabah
 – 8:30pm Downtown Stomp Dance with Swing Legacy Band by Michaël Srey
Saturday April 8th
 – 10-11:15am: Jazz Relatives: Buck Dance Rhythms with Chester Whimore
 – 11:30am-12:45pm: Jazz Relatives: Mother Africa with Breai Michele + percussionist Lasso Sanou
 – 1:45-4:15pm: Dancing with the Music with Breai & Chester & Swing Legacy Small Combo (Michael Srey, Ira Coleman, Wali Muhammad, Eli Lajoie)
– 7:30-8:30pm: Intro-to-Jazz with Chester A. Whitmore
 – 8:30pm: Opening of the doors : a Vernacular Spectacular Party
Sunday April 9th
 – 1pm-2:15pm: Jazz Legacy: John Bubbles & Fayard Nicholas with Chester A. Whitmore
 – 2:30-3:45pm: Jazz Legacy: Cora LaRedd & Consuela Harris with Breai Michele
 – 4-5pm: Community Talk with Breai Michele & Chester A. Whitmore

Registration will open soon