April 11-14, 2024

Chester Whitmore – Natasha Powell – Sarah Elola

An annual event celebrating Jazz Dance as Black dance: We strongly believe that Jazz dance cannot exist in isolation. It needs external influences to grow and be part of a living culture. The event has been inspired by black artists who found the tools and means to bridge past and present and ground the expression of the dance, its culture and heritage in the awareness of the time and world we live in today.

Goals: This weekend of workshops will allow you to deepen your understanding of multiple fundamental aspects of the dance, oral teaching traditions, wider cultural influences, social dancing, participative culture and the importance of music at the center of it all. Some classes will be elective with an open and a higher level of learning! An immersive experience you will not want to miss. Everyone is welcome!

Prerequisites: a desire to learn, to listen, to watch, to feel. Jazz is for all. Jazz is for you!

Our guests

Lord of Swing Chester A. Whitmore

Holla Jazz maestro Natasha Powell

Sarah Elola, dance artist and choreographer in contemporary african dance

Special guest Raoul Wilke

Our musical director: Michael Srey Legacy Band

Gotta Lago – multiinstrumentalist for Sarah Elola’s workshop

Sam I Am Montolla, featured singer for the MS Soul Legacy Band

DJüngle, invited DJ for Saturday night

PRICES & SCHEDULE (subject to change without notice):

Schedule (subject to change without notice)

Thursday, April 11 – register at Espace Sans Luxe (not included in full pass) :

8:30pm-11pm off-site community workshop at Espace Sans Luxe (100lux).
Chester Whitmore will offer a workshop for the Street Dance community.
$10 for non-100lux members. Free for 100lux members.
Registration in person at Espace Sans Luxe.
6502 avenue du Parc

Friday, April 12 :

17h45-19h15 (90min) “How to take risks on the dance floor” with Chester Whitmore / with Natasha Powell (2 rooms)
7:30-8:30pm (60min) Intro to swing class with Chester Whitmore & Natasha Powell
7.30-8:30pm (60min) Jazz with Raoul Wilke
8:30-12am LIVE MUSIC dance party with the Michaël Srey Legacy Band (3 sets, until about midnight)

Saturday April 13 :

10h-11h30 (90min) “Training in Jazz Dance” with Chester Whitmore
11:30am-12:45pm lunch and Q&A discussion with Chester Whitmore and Natasha Powell
12:45pm-2.15pm (90min) “Interpreting the music – Composing and Improvising” with Chester Whitmore / with Natasha Powell (2 rooms)
2:15-4:15 pm (120min) “Dancing with Musicians” with Chester Whitmore, Natasha Powell and the Michaël Srey Legacy Band quartet
6:00-7:30pm Purchase your dinner at Cat’s Corner from Haitian Bistro Shandmas. Bar will be open!
7:30 pm “Getting the party started” with Natasha Powell and Raoul Wilke with the MS Legacy band to launch the night. Make sure to be there early!

7:30pm Spectacular Vernacular Party with the Michaël Srey Legacy Band, 5 sets, Swing + Soul & FUnk until about 1:30am. Invited DJ: DJüngle
Late night Samosas from Yogi Restaurant for purchase from 10:30-11:30pm.

Sunday, April 14th

11:30am-1:30pm (120min) “The Musical Body in Black Dance” with Sarah Elola and live music of Gotta Lago
1:30pm-3pm lunch and discussion with Chester Whitmore, Natasha Powell and Sarah Elola, moderated by Raoul Wilke (purchase your lunch at Cat’s Corner)
3-4:30pm (90min) “The Dance Circle: Hyping, Sharing, Honoring” with Chester Whitmore / with Natasha Powell (2 rooms)
4:30pm-6pm (90min) “Last Jam Face Off” with Chester Whitmore, Natasha Powell & Raoul Wilke

Registration opens January 22 at 9AM

13.5 hours of classes + 2 evenings of spectacular live music + with very talented guests. Evening and Day Passes available at a later date.


  • $199 for the first 10 registrants
  • $209 for the next 20 registrants
  • $219 for the next 30 registrants
  • $229 until April 11
  • $249 at the door

Evening and Day Passes available:

Accessibility and cultural transmission scholarships for Afro-descendant dancers:

  • Black Lindy Hoppers Fund scholarship (free acces).
  • Cat’s Corner Scholarship – black dance legacy access for black dancers
  • Volunteering subject to availability.
  • Email info@catscorner.ca

No refunds. A full pass may be transferred to the following year or transferred in its entirety to another person before the start of the event.