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For a first try, we invite you to take our introductory drop-in class every Friday at 7:30 pm.
Private lesson available on demand.

We are a social economy NPO. Accessibility is a priority for us. Full-fare tickets enable us to finance reduced fares. Please refer to our pricing policies: https://www.catscorner.ca/en/prices-and-policies/

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Winter Session 2024

Winter-Spring schedule
Jan 8 to June 21 2024

Register or write to us to reserve your spot! info@catscorner.ca


All our classes are bilingual.

Intro Classes (Tap & Swing)

No experience or partner required!

  • $20$/class
  • $140/8 classes (1 free class!): MultiPass valid 1 year.
  • $256/16 classes ($16/class!): MultiPass valid 1 year.

Beginner 8-week Sessions (Swing)

3 classes* per week for 8 weeks! That’s about to 22 classes!!

  • Monday 6PM (60min)
  • Wednesday 7:15PM (60min)
  • + Intro-to-Swing on Friday 7:30PM
    (*except on Live Band nights Jan 19, Feb 16, March 15, April 12-13, May 10, June 14….)

For 8 weeks, learn to dance up to 3 times a week! A new session starts at the beginning of each month.
No experience or partner required!

  • Jan-Feb Session starts on Jan 8,
  • Feb-March Session starts on Feb 5,
  • March-April Session starts on March 4,
  • April-May Session starts on April 1,
  • May-June Session starts on April 29

$175/Session for about 22 classes in total.

Friday Weekly Social Dance Parties

15$ on a regular dance night (included in the beginner session)
25$ on live music nights
Intro class at 7:30pm

2. Regular Classes & Special Projects



  • They are activated on the date of your registration. You can start your classes immediately. Payments are automatically renewed each month on the same date. 
  • You can change courses at any time, without changing your subscription, by writing an email to info@catscorner.ca
  • You can pause or cancel your membership upon request by emailing info@catscorner.ca
  • Each payment is valid for one month of classes.

Session commitments (projects)

  • Projects are offered on a per-session basis.
  • You can pay for the entire session, or pay in monthly installments. However, once the session has begun, you are required to respect your commitment for the entire session.
  • In exceptional cases, please contact info@catscorner.ca

Drop-in classes

  • Several single classes are scheduled.
    • Drop-in Solo Jazz Monday 18h
    • Drop-in Classic Line Dance Friday 18h15
    • Drop-in Intro to Tap Friday 6.15pm
    • Drop-in Open Level (all swing and blues dances) Friday 7.30pm
    • Drop-in Intro to Swing Friday 7:30 pm
  • $20/class
  • $140/8 classes (1 class free): multipass valid for 1 year.
  • $256$/16 classes ($16/class) : multipass valid for 1 year.
  • Drop-in SOLO JAZZ is available as a 2+classes/week subscription (equivalent to $50/month).
  • Friday classes include the following evening (except live music evenings, which are $25).

3. Practices and Saturday workshops


Free practice:

Monday to Thursday, we offer a free practice from 5-6pm to our all registered class participants. Other people can take advantage with a $5 contribution.

Saturday Directed practice:

Saturday from 3-5pm, the directed practice is back! A teacher will be there to help you and answer your questions. Contribution of $5 from all participants.
1st Saturday of the month is for Blues practices.
3rd Saturday of the month is for Fast dance practices
2nd, 4th (and 5th) is for regular practices, most beginner friendly. The tempo of the music will be from the lower to medium bpm range.

Saturday Workshops:

A few times per month, a workshop will be offered to help you learn faster, get you back to speed or train on specific topics (bootcamps, intensives, beginner workshops…).
Typically, a workshop will take place from 1-3pm on a Saturday.

  • 1st Saturday of the month is for Blues.
  • 2nd Saturday of the month is for Balboa
  • Other dances will be taught
  • Workshop topics are announced on the website and on the registration platform

Private classes:

For private lessons, email us info@catscorner.ca


Centre-sud, 1956 Rue Frontenac (across from the Frontenac metro station)