Prices & Policies

  1. Beginner & Drop-in
  2. Main Classes (subscription)
  3. Kids classes
  4. Sliding Scale Rates
  5. Health Precautions
  6. Cancellation and Refund Policies

1. Beginner & Drop-in

2. Main Classes (subscription)

Classes are offered by subscription (lindy hop, balboa…) or by season (troupes, tap, children).

Subscriptions are activated on the date of your registration. You can start your classes on the same week. Payments are automatically renewed each month on the same date.
– You can change your choice of courses at any time, without changing your subscription, by writing an email to
– You can pause or cancel your subscription upon request by emailing
– Each payment is valid for one month of classes.

Questions? We’re here for you! or call/text us at 514-874-9846

3. Kids classes

Les inscriptions se font pour une saison complète.
Début le 9 sept. Fin le 16 décembre avec un spectacle des fêtes et collations (pas de cours).
Les cours sont de 60min/semaine, enseignés par Suzanne Bruneau et Majiza Philip.
Pas de cours le 7 octobre (Action de Grâce).

4. Sliding scale rates based on your living situation

1$ does not have the same cost for all

The perception of the value of $1 varies considerably depending on our living conditions. Whether we are single, employed in an IT company, an annuitant, a heir, or a single parent, a student, unemployed,… the accessibility to leisure, to time allocated to pleasure, is excessively affected. We have all experienced the lack of pleasure in our daily lives in recent years and its cost to our mental health.
Dance nourishes, heals, enriches, creates lasting human relationships, … It is beneficial on a daily basis, with regularity and especially when we feel vulnerable and isolated.


Cat’s Corner invites the community to participate in a social and circular economy that will allow the school to fund significant discounts for those who cannot afford the full fee.
For this reason, our activities are offered on a full price basis. We encourage those who can afford it to pay this price in order to participate in the financing of solidarity discounts.


Every time you choose Cat’s Corner and pay the full price without a promotional discount, you’re contributing to our circular economy!

If your finances permit, a donation option is also available with every online payment on our registration platform:

a) Use the Pay it forward option to enable us to offer significant discounts to dancers in financial difficulty for all our programming.

b) Use the Ethel Bruneau Scholarship option to contribute to the education of a child or an elder in the art of Tap Dance.

B- SOLIDARITY DISCOUNTS: Different scales for different situations

Because this school exists on the basis of mutual trust at many levels of its operation, we have chosen to offer you the opportunity to use certain codes according to your own judgment. Here are some examples of situations:

a) Use the code < SlidingScale_15 > for a 15% discount if you are a full-time student, single on minimum wage, in a temporary uncertainty, need a little help etc.

b) Use the code < SlidingScale_50 > for 50% off if you’ve found dance classes unaffordable before. You are in a precarious financial situation, unemployed for several years, you just can’t afford to pay more.

c) Pay-what-you-can (20$, 10$, 1$…): you live on wellfare, your budget is basically all used up for essential necessities. If you wish to dance or learn, you and your children will not be refused at our doors. Come take our adult classes, bring your children to our Saturday morning classes.
You can come and talk to us in person (Meghan & Anaïs), call us (514-874-9846) or email us (

Volunteering is always possible at Cat’s Corner. A culture that has never ceased to contribute to the vibrancy and engagement of our dance community.
Please contact us if you are interested in this program!

5. Health Precautions

  • You can register with a partner and choose to not dance with others
  • You can register alone
  • Hand sanitizer is available at the entrance. There is space to leave your coat and to change into indoor shoes.
  • The space is disinfected and cleaned regularly.
  • Please let us know, if you have tested positive for covid-19 or if you have had contact with someone who has.
  • Please stay home if you are feeling unwell or if you have any symptoms (of a cold, flu, or other illness)

We are closely following all government restrictions for our industry, which can change rapidly. We will keep you informed of any changes. Thank you for your cooperation.

6. Cancellations and refund policies

In the event of cancelled classes or lockdown, we will gladly reimburse any remaining classes or give you the option to keep class credits for the future.

Cancellation of registration without penalty:

You may, at your discretion, cancel a service contract without penalty before the start of the 1st class/activity. The amount of the cancellation will be automatically credited to your account, unless you specifically request a refund.


Multipasses are valid 1 year from date of purchase. They can be used by members of the same account.
They are non refundable and not extendable.

Subscription based classes:

If you need to miss a class, advise us in advance. Once the class has been given, we are not obligated to offer you any compensation.
=> Depending on the situation, we may accommodate you with access to a drop-in course, or if your experience allows, you may be able to take another course offered during the week. Classes must be taken during the time of your subscription.
=> Depending on the situation, we may be able to credit your registration (excluding the portion of the course that has already taken place) to use at a later date.
We do not give cash refunds for course credits.

Change of activity: 

You have the privilege of changing activity according to availability without administration fees. You will have to pay the difference in price if it is higher, but you will receive no refund if the price is lower.

Beginner sessions:

Once started, beginner sessions are non-refundable not creditable.
Since the session price is a real bargain on the value of the session, we consider that the 2 options of class + Friday intro class and social dance per week offer ample opportunity to make up for a missed class.

Troupe Projects:

Projects are full-season commitments (fall/winter/spring/summer). We offer the option of paying in monthly instalments. Unlike subscriptions, your project registration commits you to the full cost of the season. Coaches and project members rely on you to complete the final project, which culminates in a performance on a special evening at Cat’s Corner.
In exceptional cases [at the discretion of the administration], you may interrupt your commitment for the remaining practices, incurring a $50 cancellation fee.