Welcome to Cat’s Corner Swing Dance School!

Come enjoy:
our Lindy hop, Balboa, Tap, Blues, Solo Jazz classes & troupes, for adults and kids.
Weekly dances,
Monthly potlucks,
Annual workshops and festivals.

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We offer six-week sessions in Swing (Lindy hop), Balboa, Collegiate Shag, Blues, and Tap. Read on to learn more about what we teach in our classes.

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Join us every Friday night for a fun night of social dancing in the heart of downtown Montreal. Only $10! Drop-in beginner and intermediate lessons at 8:30 pm. No partner or dance experience needed!

New to the dance? Wondering which shoes to wear? Curious about swing music? Click below!



4h intensive workshops on Sundays
Our Bootcamps are 4h intensive classes.
They take place on Sundays from 12:30pm to 4:30pm and change topic every week.
The goal is to learn either the basics of a new dance or to improve a specific aspect of a dance you’re already doing.
Fees are 60$/class online and 70$ at the door. You can get a 20$ discount if you register for 2 Bootcamps at the same time, which means 2 Bootcamps for 100$.
To register, follow this link.
To access the Facebook event page, follow this link.

Calendar :

Open house 2020

Cat’s Corner opens its doors for a whole week of free classes!
Join us from January 6th to 12th and discover all the dances taught at Cat’s Corner!
Lindy hop, Charleston, Solo Jazz, Tap, Balboa, Shag, Blues… for adults all week long but also for kids on Saturdays!
You can RSVP or join us on the day of with clean indoor shoes.
Link to the FB event page.
NB: To participate in our troupe auditions, you can RSVP as well. It’s a great opportunity to meet the dancers and eventually join their regular practice for the new season!
Link to the FB event page.
Get the word out. Welcome to everyone, all ages, all backgrounds!

FLASH SALE Beginner classes

Flash sale on our beginner swing dance classes!
Until December 15th 11:59PM we offer the crazy deal of 2 sessions for 1!
Register for swing 1 (Jan) and swing 2 (Feb) and get it all for the amazing price of 150$!
Enjoy it while it lasts. Tell you friends about it. Offer it as a gift this holiday season. No waste. All fun! Mostly, it’s a chance to create friendships that last for years to come! You’ll thank us later.
Use code “swing1+2” at check-out.

Kids Dance Classes 2020

Kids tap & swing dance classes at Cat’s Corner
This winter, we are continuing our 2nd session for the KIDS PROGRAM on Saturdays!
You can find the class descriptions available HERE and register to the classes HERE or by emailing us at info@catscorner.ca
Free trial class any time!
The winter session is from January 18st to March 28th.
The spring session is from April 4th to May 30th (no class on April 25th).
Kids show : May 31st 2020
Classes are 45min long.

January 2020 Session

January 2020 Schedule
Registrations are open! Early bird discount applicable until Dec 29th.
The January session is finally here!
We are working with a brand new registration system for this new year. It will significantly improve your online experience and ours too! Treat yourselves!

We have exciting new programs in store for you:

6-7pm Drop-In classes

Cat’s Corner new Drop-in classes
From Monday to Thursday, 6-7pm, $10/class.
Brand new at Cat’s Corner, we offer new drop-in classes from 6-7pm every day from Monday to Thursday.
Monday Solo Jazz – Tuesday Charleston – Wednesday Blues – Thursday Balboa
Each of these classes will offer an hour of intensive practice, no blabla, lots of do-do, to practice your solo as much as your couple dancing, and work on your side of the partnership. Follow the instructor and keep the rhythm. Watch, do, repeat, move on… Perfect to review what you’ve learned in your regular classes and catch something new, and dance without thinking.
No partner, no registration, no commitment. Your new favorite moment of the week:
« All Solo – No Blabla – Practice, dance, drill »
$10 at the door or buy a drop-in card ($50). Get 6 classes for the price of 5!
See you tonight!

Friday Night Dance

Downtown Stomp (DTS) nights are Cat’s Corner’s social dance nights on Fridays. Admission price is $10, cash only. The price includes a class of your choice. Two levels are available early in the evening, beginner at 8:30pm and intermediate at 8:45pm. Social dancing starts at 9:30pm and lasts until 1am. No reservation, experience or partner required. Drop-in and come have fun! We are located at 3451 Saint-Laurent Blvd. on the 3rd floor, north of Sherbrooke Street, right across from the Esso gas station. We ask that you bring a clean and dry pair of shoes for dancing.

See more information about swing at Cat’s Corner here.


Music Resources for Swing Dancing

Swing Music on Spotify

Check out our Spotify account for a good music resource. It includes a variety of playlists by our talented DJs, as well as a few lists of songs categorized by beats per minute (BPM).

Slow Swing: 84– 100 BPM
Moderate Swing: 104– 152 BPM
Medium Up Swing: 160 – 200 BPM
Up Swing: 208 – 252 BPM

(If you don’t yet have a Spotify account, set one up so you can hear these tunes!)

Our Beginner Playlist : for songs that are not-too-fast, not-too-slow, with clear rhythm, that are easy to dance to, and great for practice!

Click here for more musical resources!

A living dance studio and community

Our mission

A living dance. A living studio.
A living community.

In our collective mind’s eye, we see a place that is home to a vibrant and continuously evolving swing dance community.

A place where generations meet, relationships are built, energies are exchanged, history is preserved and created anew.

A place where passion for swing dance is born, is nurtured and where people are encouraged to reach new heights of self-expression.

A place where we are kind to ourselves and kind to one another as we evolve and grow.

We see a thriving, socially responsible, sustainable business that provides the opportunities for people to be what they love, according to their abilities, talents and needs. A living dance. A living studio. A living community.

Where can you find us?

3451 St-Laurent 3e étage,
514 874-9846