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TANYA – Rumour has it that Tanya likes to dance. Indiscriminate about the way — leading, following, or rocking out solo, or the style — Blues, Lindy Hop, Balboa, or West Coast Swing — Tanya has left her mark both on the social dance floor and in competitions all around North America. She’s also been seen choreographing and performing, as well as spinning in the DJ booth. In the classroom, Tanya tries to help her students embody the music that they hear and to feel the joy of expressing themselves through dance, whether solo or partnered. Tanya likes to learn about the mechanics and aesthetics of many partnered dance styles and enjoys sharing that knowledge with others.

Tanya started dancing in Montreal in 2009, and teaching shortly after that. In 2013, Tanya helped start the Blues Program at Cat’s Corner. Since then, she has taught weekly blues classes, geeked out about curriculum development, choreographed for and coached a few performance troupes, and organized a few workshops.

Her thirst for music led her to start DJing, first on a monthly basis, but quickly exploding into weekly escapades that involved studios, bars, house parties, workshops, exchanges, car rides, outdoors, and late nights. Her electrifying sets have earned her the nickname of “DJ Thunder Teal”. As a social dancer, competitor, and teacher, Tanya tries to stay true to the roots of the dances, and as DJ, she tries to inspire people to discover those roots and authentic jazz and blues movement through the music that she plays. From slow and sultry to fast and fun, from the classic savoy ballroom to the gritty juke joints of Chicago, Tanya brings dancers on a journey at every dance.

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