Cat’s Corner’s Potluck Social !

Our monthly Sunday Potluck Socials are a 5-8PM food and dance event to enjoy a relaxed early Sunday evening with new and old friends.
The participation is based on voluntary contributions (10+$) to the buffet prepared by the participants. Entrance is free if you bring a tasty yummy plate to share.

Each Potluck edition is hosted by a member of the community. If you want to host a Potluck and create a homy experience for all of us with your own jazzy twist, please email us. A beautiful line of past hosts have prepared the field to make the organization as easy and enjoyable as it can be (Kim, Felix, Andréanne, Phil, Anaïs, Meghan, Sophie P, David T, David S, Megan B, Gaetan,…).

No booking, experience or partner are required. Bring clean shoes and join us to finish the week in good company.

Family and non-dancing friends friendly. Your best opportunity to bring your people to your new home!

Link to our Facebook event HERE

Interested in our QUEER Potlucks?

Once a month, we organize a Sunday 5-8PM Potluck Social for Queer dancers in a queer space. You are a queer dancer and you want to meet, chat and dance with people who share a commonality of experience? This is the best place to start and build a community.

For everything else, the Potluck is like any potlucks. Bring yummy food to share or tip the buffet with some 5-10$ bills.

The Potluck Socials have been hosted by Skylar, Kira, Tanya W and Grey! You too, you can host a Potluck Social.

Contact us at info@catscorner.ca for more information!

Link to our Facebook event HERE