• You would like to start practicing regularly with the same group of dancers?
  • You want to push yourself and be involved in dance projects?
  • You want to explore the art of performing a dance piece in front of an audience?
  • You’re simply hooked and want to dance all the time?
Join a troupe!

We have many options available to you in all dance styles, Lindy hop, Charleston, Balboa, Blues, Tap… you name it!

Email us for more information.

Auditions are held in January, May and end of August.

Fall 2019 Troupe Auditions

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Swaying Swarm :

First time in a troupe? This one if for you!

Coached by Mohammad & Ashley

The swaying swarm is an intermediate Lindy Hop troupe ideal for dancers with little previous lindy hop performance experience. Coached by Mohammad and Ashley, this choreography based troupe focuses on equal parts performance and improvisation/social dance skills.
(Past Lindy hop troupes have included Harlem Reverie, Harlem Shout & Shimmy Bagels)

Practice time is Thursdays at 8:35PM.

Boiled Legs :

Up Tempo Lindy hop/Charleston troupe

Coached by Mohammad & Ashley

Boiled Legs is an intermediate level fast lindy hop and charleston troupe ideal for dancers who are looking to take their fast dancing to the next level. In this choreography based troupe, we put equal emphasis on quality of performance and movement. We will also work on integrating all material learned in the routines into our social dance.

Practice time is Tuesdays at 8:35PM.

Cool Cats Coleslaw Collective :

Advanced Lindy hop troupe

Coached by Meghan & Adrian

This advanced Lindy Hop troupe represents all the values that are dear to us at Cat’s Corner Studio. We approach choreographic projects by putting forward social dancing, team spirit, challenges, and all without interfering with each other’s individuality. The creation process is important to us and we want to live this process with our dancers. Generally, we work on one to three routines during the year.
We identify group objectives that we want to work on and the events and parties where we would like to perform or compete. We try to give priority to the process of learning and to the joy of working together. We look for people who will easily integrate with our team and who will also bring their ideas and their presence. We prioritize the dancers who have a positive attitude towards challenges, who are autonomous and open minded.

Practice time is Thursdays at 8:35PM.

Monday Shaker Makers :

A Chorus Line troupe (for women, men and non binary individuals)

Coached by Kim, Andréanne and Megan from the Hotcha Mamas Chorus Line

In this project you will be introduced to the great tradition of the African American Chorus Lines of the swing era. You will be taken on a guided tour of an unknown but incredibly rich legacy of jazz variety show performances. You will learn some basic tap rhythms and footworks, watch a documentary, get inspired by a collection of old clips, learn an original chorus line choreography and work on your performance skills in order to present your hard work at a Cat’s Corner Friday night dance! Join the festivities and become a chorus dancer this season! No need to bring tap shoes.

Practice time is Mondays at 8:35PM.

The Sass Collective :

Blues dance troupe

Coached by Natalya, Dan & Tanya

The Cats Corner premier Blues troupe. We work together to improve our dance technique in both social and performance settings. Each session brings several new choreographies and performance opportunities, each one pushing our dance in a new direction and building community along the way.

Practice time is Tuesdays at 8:35PM.

Balboa troupe :

Coached by Lizou & Dan

Our personalized Balboa troupe! We work with each person to improve the areas that have the most opportunity for growth, and design choreographies around challenging our students in new ways each time. Each session, in addition to improving social and performance dance technique, there will be several performance opportunities.

Practice time is Wednesdays at 8:35PM.

Tap/Solo troupe :

Coached by Kira & Majiza

A troupe that purposefully and creatively brings together tap and solo jazz, in a perfect match. No experience needed in tap. We are looking for people with curiosity, with a desire to create, to learn, to dance and make friends through the rhythmic groovy pleasure of JAZZ.

Practice time is Saturdays at 5PM.

Tap troupe :

Coached by Majiza

An advanced tap performance troupe for dancers who are part of the Advanced Tap (3) program with Majiza.

Practice time TBD.

Solo Blues Collective :

Coached by Natalya & Debbie

The “solo blues collective” is a space to where we can work on our solo blues together, generate a series of quick choreographies that we can present all over Montreal, play dance games, watch videos, take ownership of our own learning through collaborative facilitated sessions.

(not currently active. Contact the coaches directly for information)

Cat's Corner troupes on YouTube

Other troupes in 2018-2019 have included the Solo Jazz/Tap troupe and Collegiate Shag troupe.

Where can you find us?

3451 St-Laurent 3e étage,
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