What is BLUES?

Blues dancing is a collection of dances (such as Ballroomin’, Jukin’, and Drag Blues) that are done to a variety of music – sometimes slow and sensual, sometimes fast and funky, and everything in between. Blues shares a lot of similarities with swing dancing. Both dances value grounded body posture and improvisation between the dancers and the music. The history of the two dances is also intertwined; both dances originated and evolved from vernacular African dances, rhythms, and movements. In its beginnings, Blues thrived in house parties and juke joints, but today, there are dance events and studios all over North America that teach Blues.

At Cat’s Corner, we offer:
Blues nights with drop-in lessons every 3rd Friday of the month


Blues Performance Troupe 

Cat’s Corner has its own blues performance troupe. The troupe runs 3-4 months projects consisting of partnered or solo choreography and performances. For inquires about auditions, send your emails to info@catscorner.ca.

Here’s an example of past routines (choreographed by Elmer and Tanya):

Classes (6 week sessions)

Our blues curriculum is designed to get you out onto the dance floor! You can start with either Jazzy or Jukin’ blues. No partner or experience required. Check out the chart below for the course progression:

Cat's Corner Blues Curriculum Tree
Cat’s Corner Blues Curriculum Tree
We offer:
Blues 1A – Intro to Jukin’


This class will be an introduction to jukin’ blues – a group of dances that originated in juke joints and house parties in the rural south of the United States. Jukin’ blues dances were influenced by a mix of cheap liquor, traveling musicians, and a letting go or party atmosphere. They involve a heavy solo dancing component as well as playing with shapes and rhythms in the body.

This 6-week series is part of the fundamentals blues classes at Cat’s Corner. Both Jazzy and Jukin’ need to be taken before moving on to the higher levels.

Scroll down to see some video examples of Jukin’ blues!

Blues 3B – Musicality


Prereqs: Blues 1a and 1b

When you’re out social dancing, you have two very important partners: the person you’re dancing with and the music. In this class, we will discover how to adapt new moves, as well as moves you already know, to different styles and tempos of blues music. We will learn how to hear different rhythms, characters, emotions, and energy levels in the music and how to communicate our interpretations with our partner. The deeper your understanding of the music becomes, the more fun you will have on the dance floor!

If you have any questions, email us at info@catscorner.ca

Here are some examples of blues dancing!
Ballroomin’ Blues:


Jukin’ Blues :

Other styles / mixed :