CLASSES – Typically danced on a faster tempo, Balboa is a dance that was developed in the 30’s and the 40’s in California. In balboa classes, you will have the opportunity to get familiar with the closed position, the many basic steps, and some of the classic Balboa moves.

SESSIONS : Next session begins June 26th, then August 7th. On offer: Balboa 2/3 – Balboa 5/6 and Balboa U.  Look out for a special Blues and Balboa Crossover class. See our schedule or visit our registration page.


Balboa 1 Bootcamp : November 4th from 1pm-5pm

Cat’s Corner is offering a crash course intended for dancers who want a fast-paced, condensed introduction to Balboa. The content will contain material from Balboa 1 offered at Cat’s Corner, allowing you to continue directly with Balboa 2, or a Balboa 2 Bootcamp if offered. The boot camp includes 4 hours of instruction (plus 3 aprox. 10-minute breaks between classes).

Recommended experience: Swing 6, or 8 months of any partnered dance instruction, as well as seasoned solo dancers.



INFO – Get access to all the latest news when you become a member of our Facebook group: Cat’s Corner Balboa


PRACTICE – We offer a special directed practice specifically for BALBOA! Join us Sundays 5pm-7pm to dance and to have your questions answered by one of our balboa teachers. Only $5.

SOCIAL DANCING – The first Friday of the month we host a ‘Downtown Shuffle’ dance in our small studio during our regularly scheduled DTS dance. The evening starts with an introduction class to Balboa at 8:45, then one of our DJs will spin some fast tunes! Don’t miss it!


Interested in classes? See our schedule or visit our registration page.