Welcome to swing at Cat’s Corner! Here are some details about our swing classes.

Our classes are once a week, 1 hour and a half each for six weeks, and they are bilingual (English and French). No partner is necessary as we do rotations in class, which allows you to dance and practice with everyone. Please bring a pair of clean and dry indoor shoes for your classes. To register, visit the schedule page here, call us at 514-874-9846 or send us an email info@catscorner.ca

Pricing for our classes

*Referrer must be a current student of Cat’s Corner, referee must be a new student and be taking a beginner level class in any dance style.

Trial lesson: $30
All prices include taxes. We accept payments by cash, credit card and debit card.

Details about our classes

Class times

We have scheduled 10 minutes between classes to allow for social dancing, asking questions and mingling between class groups. All classes are 1h25 minutes, with the exception of Tap classes which are 1h15 minutes.

Please arrive in time to say hello to the person at the front desk so they can check your name (yes, every week) and to change into clean, indoor shoes.

We do not allow outdoor shoes on the dance floors at Cat’s Corner. Please bring clean indoor shoes for classes and social dances.
For tap classes, we can only tap on the special floor provided.

Class Balances

For partnered dances, we do everything we can to help balance the number of leaders and followers in each class. We cannot guarantee a 1:1 ratio but we will recruit volunteers to help meet a 3:4 ratio (9 leaders and 12 followers is acceptable for example).


Classes are bilingual, we do our best to speak both English and French. We are happy to adjust if ever you would like translation or more information in one language or the other.

We also favour inclusive non-gendered dance roles. Anyone can be a leader or follower.

Fore more information on our intention for inclusivity, see our code of conduct

Missing a class

Group classes are offered on a 6-week basis. Each group is unique and follows its own pace, the instructors adapt the class for the individuals in the room. Every class includes some review of the material from the previous week and you will not fall too far behind if you miss just one class.

If you know ahead of time that you will miss a class, please send us an email info@catscorner.ca We will be glad to offer you a free pass for you and a friend from class to attend our guided practice. Every Wednesday/Thursday between 6-7pm you can drop in and stay as long as you need, an instructor is available to answer your questions. There is also a Balboa practice (faster tempos) on Sundays from 5-7pm.

Drop-ins to the regular 6-week classes are accepted only on the first week (for 30$). We try to maintain a balance of leaders and followers and because each class has unique instructors and class groups, they are not all interchangeable.

Early Bird – We offer a significant discount when registering for classes in advance. Take note of the early bird deadline for each session to get the best price (usually 1 month in advance)

Referral – A current client may refer a new client to classes at Cat’s Corner. Both will receive a free Downtown Stomp (DTS) or Directed Practice +1 pass (value $10)

Voucher for Swing 2 – We know that it takes a while to get into the swing of things, which is why we encourage everyone to stick with swing classes for at least 12 weeks (swing 1+2). The discount code you receive for swing 2 is intended to be used for the session immediately following the swing 1 that you take. It is not possible to save it for later.

Retakes – We encourage everyone to go back to their basics. You may retake a class you have already completed at Cat’s Corner for half price ($75).  If you end up missing several classes, re-taking the same level is a helpful option.
The retake rate also applies if you choose to retake a class to learn the other dance role (leader-follower)

Drop-in – If you want to try a class, the best option is to come to the Friday night dance “Downtown Stomp” which includes a drop-in lesson (8:30pm beginner, 8:45pm intermediate swing/balboa/blues). For some classes it is possible to try just the first lesson. The fee for one class is $30

To see our schedule for this session, click here.

Where can you find us?

3451 St-Laurent 3e étage,
514 874-9846