Cat’s Corner invites you to Nuit Blanche à Montréal…

for a night where “green”, the theme of the year, is synonymous of beginning. We invite all Montreal to join the party and swing with us! With 2 left feet, a twisted tongue or eyes in the back of your head, if you can breathe and feel your heart sing, the dance is ready to burst out of you.

On February 29th from 8pm to 2am in the morning, seize the opportunity to learn a few steps, cheer for our teachers and students performing their last projects and simply spend a beautiful night on the best hardwood dance floor of the city.

On the menu, swing dances like Lindy hop, Balboa, but also Blues and Tap dance ! Everything is FREE!

Family friendly, we will also invite your children back to take a free trial class on any Saturday morning!

A special discount will be offered all night on all registrations to our beginner classes!