NATALYA – Natalya’s life-long love affair with dancing started out in Toronto, Canada where she taught and performed ballet and baroque dance professionally for 10 years and studied many other types of dance, including modern, jazz, flamenco, salsa and contact improv.  In 2007, she discovered the swing dance scene when her coworker dragged her down the street to the swing night at a local jazz bar.  Natalya fell in love immediately with the combination of artistic expression, amazing music, and wonderful people!  Although originally a lindy hopper, Natalya started blues dancing in 2009 and quickly got hooked on that too.  Since then, she’s been struttin’ her stuff in competitions, choreographies, social dances and classrooms at national and international blues and lindy hop events at every chance she gets.  

Natalya’s mother was a ballerina and her father was a musician, so in a moment of teenage rebellion she took up studying physics.  Eventually, her interest in science became more than a bad habit and lead her to move to Montreal in 2015 to be a professor, dancing and science-ing in Boston and New York along the way.  Natalya is excited at every opportunity to share her passion for dance with others, and can’t believe her luck at being invited to join the Cat’s Corner teaching team!

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