LUNOU – Hailing from Quebec City, Lunou has been swing dancing since 2003. Known for her contagious dynamism, she developed her own style, bringing positive energy to the dance floor.

Teacher by formation, she loves to help dancers grow and find their way in the dance. For Lunou, it’s all about the community; that’s why she dedicated 11 years (and counting!) of her life to this dance teaching, coaching teams, creating projects and performing in dance productions and teams across North America. She is part of the Cat’s Corner family since 2011 and a member of the Northern Lights dance crew since 2008.

Lunou loves to compete. Through the years she won many titles in events such as ALHC, ILHC, Camp Jitterbug, CSC. She is also been teaching internationally events like the Dirty Dozen Weekend in Providence, NH, Boston Tea Party, Beantown Dance Camp and Camp Hollywood.

She is very excited to see new dancers grow and help them discover the dance.

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