JUSTIN – Justin’s love for Lindy Hop was established in 2012 shortly after moving into Ottawa, and it has continued growing consistently at a linear rate ever since. A passionate dancer with an undying drive to improve, Justin took every class and joined every troupe he could, quickly rising to the rank of teacher where he discovered his interesting brand of humour was surprisingly pedagogically effective. Upon realizing he had begun spending most of his weekends dancing in Montreal, Justin finally moved there in June 2016 where he was welcomed with open arms into the Cat’s Corner team.

Since beginning his swing journey, Justin has also taken up West Coast Swing, and has more recently developed interests in both Blues and Balboa. Being unable to choose just one or two of these styles, Justin now dances seven days a week in order to satisfy his desire to share this beautiful art form with others. His motto these days is: “Why would I do _______ if I could dance instead?

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