JONATHAN – Jonathan started dancing in 2009 and he was immediately bitten by the bug. Three months later, he was already dancing four to five times a week. By the end of that year he had already started traveling to learn from instructors all over North America. He’s been sharing his love and passion of the dance with Cat’s Corner students since 2010. He’s also been coaching Cat’s Corner’s advanced troupe, the Cool Cats Coleslaw Collective, since 2014.

For Jonathan, fun comes before everything else. Dance is an art, but it’s also a hobby. His exuberant and energetic style really is what sets him apart on the dance floor. His goal with dancing is to make people happy, and have them forget about their real life problems during an evening.

Jonathan is a member of the Northern Lights dance crew, with whom he performed and competed across North America, in events such as the Canadian Swing Championships, Frankie 100 in New York City and the Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown in New Orleans.

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