Want to practice all those cool rhythms and concepts you learned in class? Do you have questions that require a little bit of 1-on-1 time? Do you just want to come hang out and dance? Come to our weekly guided practices! At Cat’s Corner we believe great dancing is borne from great practice, so we offer two weekly, directed practices, one focused on lindy hop, and one focused on balboa. With a teacher on-site to play some real swingin’ music, you’ll be able to practice what you’ve learned in class, and ask any questions you might have! Teachers change weekly, and all levels are welcome.


Lindy hop: Wednesdays, 6-7PM
Lindy hop: Thursdays, 6-7PM
Balboa: Sundays, 5-7PM


$2,5 for Lindy hop practice (1h)
$5 for Balboa practice (2h)
$20 for a 10h of guided practice card. That’s $5 off!

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Facebook event  Lindy hop guided practice
Facebook event Balboa guided practice

For more information on how we think about teaching and the dance, see our page on our teaching philosophy.

To see what classes are being offered this session, view our schedule.