FÉLIX – Félix is without a doubt a person that is full of passion, especially for swing dancing and swing music. Since he has started his studies in music, specialising in jazz vocals, nothing is stopping this cat. It is his passion for jazz that led him to Cat’s Corner in 2013, starting classes that introduced him to the fabulous world of Lindy Hop.

Since then, his implication with the school has been nothing less than impressive. He has cleaned the dance studio’s floors, picked up banana peels, followed many classes, become a troupe member, has embraced the DJ Sweep identity, and even organizes the Talkie Cat’s nights. It is safe to say the Félix has a well deserved place in the Cat’s Corner team. As if that wasn’t enough, he has even joined the marketing team and started teaching Lindy Hop and Balboa in January 2016.

In 2014, Felix discovered Balboa dancing and he loves it! That is probably why this awesome member of our swing dance community has been travelling all over to different events to perfect his dance but also to help him find inspiration. That and also the fact that he is a true swing dance geek!


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