Friday, February 12th 2016 - 8:30 pm

This year, Cat’s Corner is celebrating the Valentine’s season in style with a Slow Drag and Blues evening! What does this mean? Put on your best attire, and join us February 12th for slow jazz in the big studio from DJs Meghan and Stephane, and blues in the small studio with DJ Gabrielle.

After last year’s success, we decided to organize another Slow Dance JnJ for this Friday. Sign up WITHOUT a partner (5$ per participant), and be inspired by the music of our fabulous DJ’s!!!

Slow drag has many meanings, depending on the people and the generation that danced it. The name appeared probably in the 1890s and refers to both a dance and a step. Here is what Frankie Manning said about dancing in a slow drag in the early 1930’s:

“They were playing a slow tune, and in those days when the music was slow you held the girl close. At the Renaissance, we’d be out there Lindy hopping to most songs, but if they played a romantic ballad or a slow blues everybody would grab their girl and rush straight for the middle of the dance floor.”