Friday, April 8th 2016 - 8:00 pm

Swing into Spring!

This year, we have invited Caitlin Wellman, an important figure of the North American swing dance scene. A member of the famous and celebrated troupe The Minnie’s Moochers, she left a considerable print in the lindy hop world since she started dancing in 1996. She will be teaching with our very own Aleix Prats Ferrer and promises a full workshop weekend of FUN, filled with Lindy hop, Jazz and electrifying charleston!

Registration is open HERE! Online registration closes April 5th at 11:30pm.


More about Caitlin Wellman:

She teaches her students more than just a bunch of cool moves (but they get that too)! Her focus on solid lead/follow technique – based on momentum, connection, and rhythm – helps her students enjoy the dance on a deeper level and become more connected to the music and their partner. Her teaching is clear and articulate, and full of fun and creative ways of improving your dancing.

She was a founding member of the multi-award winning performance troupe Minnie’s Moochers, from Ithaca, NY, who performed at the Frankie95 Celebration in NYC. She has been in demand as a teacher across the US, Canada, Europe, Australia and Asia for many years. With her Toronto partner Chachi, she was the Director & Choreographer for Capital Dance Productions, a performance troupe that specializes in 20th century North American partner and solo dances. She has also been the Artistic Director & Choreographer of The Flappettes, a sassy all female 1920’s Jazz & Charleston troupe.

Listen to her on a very recent episode of Ryan Swift’s The Track Podcast, visit her website, and watch her dance!

Price List:

Full Weekend Pass
Early bird : $100 (until 14th of March)
Regular Price : $115 (March 15th until April 6th)
Door Price : $125

Solo Jazz Track (does not include dance pass)
$60 in advance (until April 6th)
$70 at the door

Dance Pass
Friday $10
Saturday with music from ‘The Swinging Shoes Band’ $20 (see the Facebook event here)
Both $25



Class Descriptions:

Lindy 1 – Moving with Momentum
We will taking fundamentals and showing you how to move through them with more momentum making for a more meaningful leading/following experience.

Lindy 2 – Triple Step Fever
This class will be saturated with triple steps! Come learn some unusual figures that focus on this building block of Lindy Hop.

Lindy 3 – Modified Musicality
Here we will try to push past the buzz word “musicality” and talk about listening to and dancing to the music in a different way. Sometimes its all about a state of mind!

Lindy 4 – Timing is Everything
Change the timing of many moves and you practically have a new move. Here we will work on precision in leading and following to re-shape some of the moves we know and love.

Solo 1 – Moving from the Inside
Good movement isn’t just about striking a pose. We’ll work on making the source of your movement inside and from your core in order to make your dancing more dynamic.

Solo 2 – Do The Same Thing Differently
Join us while we take a piece of choreography and learn how it can be tailored to work with different music. Take those pre-exiting routines and give them a new identity that depends on the song.

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