Saturday, February 4th 2017 - 11:00 am

To sign up:

1-Day, 4 hours!

Workshop atttendees will get a 2$ discount to February 4th’s Le Jazz Hot dance with the Jazz Kartel Big Band!

About the level of the workshop:
You’ve completed at the minimum swing 4 or its equivalent and are able to mix six count, eight count and charleston basics. You’re comfortable with the swingout and lindy circle, and working on expanding your vocabulary and improving your technique. You’re starting to work on your connection to your partners and the music and you’re hoping to have some new ideas and concepts to take back home with you by the end of the weekend.

About the teachers:
Erin Morris is a champion solo jazz dancer, celebrated lindy hop artist, and a working jazz musician. She is a formidable improviser and spirited partner, able to draw upon a wealth of musical knowledge and vernacular dance movement. Her strongest influences are Katherine Dunham and Leon James and, of course, the music itself. In the classroom she is renowned for her depth and clarity, and she strives to develop artists and individuals. She is very proud that none of her students ever look like her. She has taught, performed, and competed around the world.

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