Friday, December 16th 2016 - 8:30 pm

Cat’s Corner presents the “Cat’s Club” dance: a “A Holiday Slowdrag Night” on Friday December 16th!

Slow drag has many meanings, depending on the people and the generation that danced it. The name appeared probably in the 1890s and refers to both a dance and a step. Here is what Frankie Manning said about dancing in a slow drag in the early 1930’s:

“They were playing a slow tune, and in those days when the music was slow you held the girl close. At the Renaissance, we’d be out there Lindy hopping to most songs, but if they played a romantic ballad or a slow blues everybody would grab their girl and rush straight for the middle of the dance floor. Just the squares danced around the edges, while all the grinders crowded into a bunch. Guys and girls would be glued tougher with only our top swaying, out feet moving just a few inches from side to side in a slow drag. At parties we’d put the lights down low, grab a girl, and just lay her up against the wall. Of course, this wasn’t what we did for every slow tune. If it was a slow foxtrot, you’d have to hold your head and body just so. But for the blues, you’d get real funky and uninhibited.”
(F. Manning, C.R. Millman. “Frankie Manning. Ambassador of Lindy hop”, 2007, p. 52)

Now, what a description! Here is the deal. Do whatever you want. We’ll be playing the most beautiful slow jazz ballads and blues music of the era. Dance in your own interpretation of the dance. Some will remember their time at Herräng. Let yourself be moved by the music. Put on your best attire, make yourselves handsome. The Cat’s Corner studios will welcome you with hundreds of stars and a velvet robe, virgin cocktails and delicacies, performances, prizes and a holiday spirit.

Our special intermediate class will introduce you to a way of dancing in slow motion.
And as usual, the weekly introduction class will make sure to give you the keys to the magic land of Lindy hop!

10$, introduction & special intermediate classes included!

With the Cat’s Club, Cat’s Corner will have a monthly special dance evening for you! Enjoy stunning performances, delicious food and homemade juice, games, a beginner friendly room as well as a vintage clothing & accessories sale to support The Cats Club Chorus Line fundraiser. There will be some prizes to win!