ANDRÉANNE – Andréanne started her epic journey of swing dancing at Cat’s Corner in 2007. She started out with Lindy Hop, inspired by the “Swing Kids” movie. Some hurdles along the way caused her to stop swing dancing for a couple of years. She returned motivated to share the art of swing dancing with others. She quickly became a Lindy Hop teacher at Cat’s Corner!
She has since participated in many swing dance projects. Andreanne is one of the founders of the Strutting Trousers, a swing dancing troupe that has come to be well known with most members being part of the Cat’s Corner teaching staff. She is also an integral part of the Cat’s Corner Chorus Line as well as an organiser of the famous Cat’s Club nights.

And if that wasn’t enough, Andréanne is a DJ at Cat’s Corner, delivering awesome swing music to your ears, but made for your feet. To top it all off she is also a great MC and loves Laksa soup.

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