ALCINA – Alcina first heard of swing dancing when her university roommate dragged her to the Queen’s Swing Club, but Lindy Hop really took over her life when she moved back to Toronto in 2007. Since then, she has travelled extensively to learn, teach, DJ, perform, and compete in this joyous art form.

Alcina is excited to join the Cat’s Corner staff because she wants to share her passion with anyone who will listen. She started the UT Swing Club with a group of friends, ran her own studio in Toronto, and eventually moved to Montreal to do more dancing!

Alcina has a background in music and movement and how the two interrelate. She is known for her energy and fun stylings on the social dance floor and her insight and clarity in classes. Her goal is to get everyone to love swing as much as she does.

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Where can you find us?

625 Rue Fortune
Montreal, QC, H3K 2R9
514 874-9846