It’s been a long pandemic, a hot summer, and a big move for the studio. We know you’ve got lots of questions so we’ve compiled a few answers for you here. Rest assured, we love hearing from you and will be glad to answer any questions you have if you want to give us a call or send an email.

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Will the Intro to Swing class be the same every week?

No, in fact the intro course will cover many basic steps that are danced to swing music. We will invite a variety of teachers to introduce you to dances like Charleston, Peabody, Jig Walks, Mambo, Balboa, Blues, Shag, Waltz etc
Each month will include at least one class on the 8-count Lindy Hop basic with triple steps, and one charleston class. The rest will appear on rotation. Stay tuned for a calendar of dance styles to be taught. 
Have you been dancing for a while and thinking its about time you learned some Peabody or Blues? Drop-In and learn with us, all dancers are welcome. 
A single class is $20, or you can buy a pass of 8 classes for $140 (1 free class). Choose multi-pass in our Amilia boutique.

Do I need a partner?

The current regulation for covid-safety is that partner rotations are allowed, with masks. If you prefer to stay with the partner you registered with, you can choose to opt out of the rotation, we understand that everyone has different covid-comfort zones. We will follow the regulations closely and adapt as needed.
There is also a jazz class where you can work on your own dancing to swing music in the same traditions as the partner dances. Intro to tap is also an option on Friday nights for those who prefer to dance without a partner.

What about vaccine passports?

We will be checking vaccine passports for everyone 13 years of age or older at the start of the first class. Please download the app when it becomes available or print your QR code to bring with you.

Is the All-Levels class the same as Open-level classes this summer?

Yes, with the exception that beginners will be taking the Intro class for several weeks and then the Foundations classes for several months so we won’t be starting from the beginning each week. Those in the all-level lindy hop classes have likely taken at least swing 1-4 from our previous programs or been swing dancing for 6 months or more.

What is the lindy hop project class?

The goal is to work toward a performance project over the course of several months. There may be short sequences, classic routines, or something that is created together with your teachers. The performances will be in person or recorded on video or both. We want to work toward something to present to the community in December. This fall it will be taught by Sylwia Bielec and Alain Fragman. For anyone who has done the foundations classes and is keen to learn some choreography. No audition required!

When will Friday night social dances come back?

Social dancing is at the heart of what we do at Cat’s Corner. Our choice of new space was highly influenced by the potential for spectacular Friday Night social dances. We are looking forward to reviving the Downtown Stomp someday. With the current restrictions (maximum 25 people, limited partner rotations) we will take the time on Friday nights to hang out and practice! More details to come about how to reserve a spot each week but rest assured that we are following the regulations closely. For now it may look and feel more like a practice session, but that all depends on you and how you choose to participate.

Why isn’t there any Balboa or Blues on the September schedule?

Our new space is one large and beautiful room which makes it difficult to schedule the same variety of classes that we used to have. We have chosen to include more variety of dance styles in the Intro to Swing classes so that all dancers are exposed to multiple styles that are danced to swing music. This also means that we will hear more variety of tempo at the Friday night dances, since more people will have more tools for more types of swing music.
We also look forward to offering bootcamps and weekend workshops from time to time. If there is something in particular that you would like to learn, let us know!
We will also try to offer smaller group classes and private lessons if and when more spaces become available. Stay tuned for updates.

Does the 4-month membership give me access to multiple classes?

Someday we are hoping to offer an all-in pass to the classes. Unfortunately right now due to covid-restrictions we cannot have more than 25 people in the space at a time so its not financially feasible to offer all-you-can-dance passes. There is a 10% discount when you sign up for a second class in a month though. If it doesn’t show up automatically on your invoice, send us a message and we’ll be glad to help.

Have the prices changed since before the pandemic?

Yes. We have raised our prices by about $1.50 per hour (tax included). There are still several discounts available which will lower the hourly rate for classes. This is comparable to other dance studios in Montreal who have raised their prices. 
There are still discounts available. Rather than early registration discounts you’ll find discounts for longer engagements with us. 
We are working on making our classes more affordable to all Montrealers, not just University students and those who have lots of time to give. If you can afford to pay full price, please do! It helps us make classes available to those who are in a precarious financial situation, under-employed, single parents, low-income families, newly arrived to Canada etc. We have a discount code called <slidingscale> which reduces the price of classes. Use it if you need it. 
We want to make swing dancing available to anyone and everyone who wants to participate. If the price is a barrier for you please write to us, we would be happy to help make the classes even more affordable info@catscorner.ca

Do I need to buy shoes before starting Tap classes?

No. You can come in any hard soled shoes (dress shoes with a low heel work great, or anything with a hard leather sole). We have a box of tap shoes that you can borrow if your size happens to be available. We also recommend checking the second hand shops, you can often find a pair of tap shoes there.

Will there be any more park classes in September?

We will take a break from park classes in September so that we can focus our energy and attention on the new classes in our new space. There may be outdoor dancing from time to time, we will let you know via facebook, instagram and our newsletter.

Do you have any classes for kids or teenagers?

Yes! Kids tap classes are on Saturday mornings for children aged 3 to 12! Teenagers are also welcome to join our adult swing dance classes if they would like to. We hope to have more programs for youth in the coming months, if you are interested send us a message.

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