Welcome to Cat’s Corner!

Swing is a social dance from Harlem New York in the 1920s-1940s. At Cat’s Corner we dance many styles in the swing family including lindy hop, charleston, balboa, shag, solo jazz, blues and tap! We have lessons and social dance events, here are a few options to get started:

a) Social Dance and intro lesson

Every friday night our doors are open for a social dance evening called the Downtown Stomp. It starts with an intro lesson at 8:30pm and continues all night with a swing dance party. $10 per person, no partner, experience or registration required! Show up and join the fun!

b) Beginner Classes

Sign-up for a 6 week beginner course to meet people and learn the basic steps together as a group. 1.5hrs per week, choose the day you want here. $140 regular, $115 full time students. Discount available if you sign up before June 9th!

c) Summer tasters

This summer we’re offering 2-week series to get a taste of some different dance styles. If you’ll be out of town on vacation and can’t take all 6 weeks of a session, this could be the option for you! More info here 


Not ready to start yet? Send us an email (info@catscorner.ca) with any questions you have, we’ll be glad to help! Or follow us on facebook for the latest events and updates.
Wanna see what it looks like? Check out out youtube channel