Our Advanced Classes and Troupes

If you’ve completed all of the swing classes we offer at Cat’s Corner, fear not! We have exciting things in store for you… 

Read on for information about our advanced classes and troupes.

Lindy University: “Lindy U”

Lindy U is a continuing education and dance enrichment program. The goal is to create a learning group that will develop together with the help of experienced coaches. The program varies from year to year, since it is based on the individual needs of each member of the group. A Lindy U session usually lasts 12 weeks, with the possibility to continue in the following session. It addresses several topics in depth, whether it is in lindy hop, charleston, solo jazz or so on, so as to inspire questioning and exploration.

Lindy U is not a regular course, it is a working group that develops based on its own needs, with the help of the coaches. In addition to defining your personal goals, each member self-evaluates his/her dancing. We use this information to offer an educational product closest to the personal needs of each individual. We also use social media to add videos, course checklists, tips and practice material, or events that could help dancers in their journey.

To join this course, it is necessary to have completed the regular lindy hop curriculum or have equivalent experience of level swing 6. Members will be selected following an audition. Also note that we limit the entries to 12 couples.

In short, you want to push your dance? You need a challenge? Lindy U is for you! 

*NEW* Blues University: “Blues U”

What is Blues U?
Blues U (short for “Blues University”) will be much like Lindy U and Balboa U at Cat’s Corner. The goal of Blues U will be to create a learning group that will develop together with the help of blues coaches. The program will be based on the individual needs of each member of the group. The first Blues U session will last 12 weeks, with the possibility to continue in the following session. Blues U is not a regular course, it is a working group that develops based on its own needs and dance goals, with the help of the coaches. For example, it could include things like work on solo movement, connection, musicality, social dancing, feedback sessions with coaches and peers, learning the opposite role, learning choreography, performing, etc.. We will have a Facebook group for Blues U in which you and the Cat’s Corner teachers can share videos, tips and practice material, or events that could help Blues U dancers in their journey.
In short, if you want to push your dance, work in a group of your peers and grow together, and get a tailored learning experience, Blues U is for you!

When is Blues U?
Wednesday evenings at 7-8:30pm with teachers Dan and Natalya!

Chorus Line Troupe Project

Photo credit: Baptiste Nobre.

In this project you will be introduced to the great tradition of the African American Chorus Lines of the swing era. Over 12 weeks, you will be taken on a guided tour of an unknown but incredibly rich legacy of jazz variety show performances. You will learn some basic tap rhythms and footworks, watch a documentary, get inspired by a collection of old clips, learn an original chorus line choreography and work on your performance skills in order to present your hard work at a Cat’s Corner Friday night dance! Join the festivities and become a chorus dancer this season! Pre-requisites: having completed swing 5. No need to bring tap shoes.

Lindy hop Troupe: Shimmy Bagels

What? This troupe, coached by Sheila, Andréanne, and Phil (founding members of the Strutting Trousers troupe), is an effervescent space combining learning, exploration, discussion and sharing in a friendly atmosphere of experimentation and artistic development. With particular openness to beginners, the troupe will focus on learning choreography, looking for a personal style, performance techniques and musicality.
You: You started to dance Lindy Hop recently and want to expand your dance practice (Prerequisite: Swing 4). You want to meet new challenges by contributing actively to a group.

Advanced Troupe: the Cool Cats Coleslaw Collective (CCCC)

CCCC at practice!

This intermediate-advanced Lindy Hop troupe represents all the values that are dear to us at Cat’s Corner Studio. We approach choreographic projects by putting forward social dancing, team spirit, challenges, and all without interfering with each other’s individuality. The creation process is important to us and we want to live this process with our dancers.

Generally, we work on one to three routines during the year. We identify group objectives that we want to work on and the events and parties where we would like to perform or compete. We try to give priority to the process of learning and to the joy of working together. We look for people who will easily integrate with our team and who will also bring their ideas and their presence. We prioritize the dancers who have a positive attitude towards challenges, who are autonomous and open minded. 

Auditions will take place in September, and practices run every Thursday from 7:00 pm until 8:30 pm.

Blues Troupe

Want to have lots of fun, level-up your blues dancing, and strut your stuff with your peers in a performance or two? Come out and audition for the Cat’s Corner Partnered Blues Troupe! All levels are welcome to audition! Blues dancing experience is not mandatory, but previous dance experience and a motivated attitude to learn are helpful. We will be accepting 10 or more people (5 or more couples).

Goals of the troupe:
• work on blues dancing technique and vocabulary
• learn and perform a group choreography
• perform

Practices will be on Wednesday evenings 7-8:30pm, run by Dan and Natalya.

Here is a link to last’s year’s super cool routine, to give you an idea of what to expect: https://www.facebook.com/CatsCornerMontreal/videos/10154162114447940/

To see our schedule for this session, click here.

Where can you find us?

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