Welcome to Cat’s Corner

From september 9th to 15th all of our classes are FREE!
Come learn the basics of swing or try a new style you’ve never done before like shag, balboa or blues!

Friday night we all dance together at the Downtown Stomp, featuring demonstrations by the teachers!

Reserve your spot here: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/billets-portes-ouvertes-cats-corner-open-house-70068112611

Beginner classes for 6 weeks

If you know already that you would like to sign up for a class this session, register now and get the early-bird discount ($25 off) until September 1st. https://www.catscorner.ca/en/our-classes/

The september session starts the week of the 16th and continues until october 27th. You have several choices of beginner classes (swing 1, blues1, balboa 1 etc) this session. Sign up here!