[Update October 5th, 2020: October session classes are moving online. 4 weeks, small groups, individual attention, lots of jazz and culture sharing!]

As Montreal enters the red zone due to a high number of covid-19 cases, we are closely monitoring the government regulations and recommendations for dance and fitness activities.

We have been slow to reopen our studio as we wanted to do it in a way that felt safe for everyone. We have decided that while we will have markers on the floor to maintain 2 meters distance, we will also require everyone to wear masks 100% of the time while in the studio. This goes beyond what most indoor fitness activities are doing right now but for us this is what feels like a responsible choice in a global pandemic. 

Our class sizes are very small, there will be no drop ins so that we have contact information for each participant, all registration will be online to limit transactions at the studio and we will produce class recaps for anyone who has to stay home due to sickness, however mild it may be. Please take  the time to read the full details of our cover class policies and let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We will provide further updates as the situation changes over the coming days and weeks.