Wednesday, September 4th 2019 - 12:00 am

Cat’s Corner presents

~ Ramona in MTL 2019 ~
Sept 4-8

The 6th Annual Teacher Training edition & Jazz Dance Workshop with Ramona Staffeld (solo and partnered)

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An annual event of:

Teacher training, to provide the opportunity to deepen our understanding, to broaden our horizons and interact with our peers about the privilege of teaching and guiding newcomers into a rich culture.

Dance workshop open to all, to work on the dance foundations and to push our limits, bringing together dancers of all paths and experience in solo and partnered Jazz (#vernacularjazz #solojazz #lindyhop).

Registrations will include :

  • The teacher training September 4-5-8 (8 hours)
  • The dance weekend workshop September 6-7-8 (8h of classes + 1h tap jam)
  • The combo Training + Workshop (16 hours)

Click on the tabs below to see the detailed descriptions of the week program :

Teacher Training no1 (3h)

1st session 7-10PM

First 3h teacher development session on teaching/learning Lindy hop and Jazz dance.

Teacher Training no2 (3h)

2nd session 7-10PM

Second 3h teacher development session on teaching/learning Lindy hop and Jazz dance.

Les Talkies

More to come
Work in progress…

Tap Jam with Ramona

Jam with your taps and soft shoes. Open your ears and share your moment with a circle of individuals who are here for the same purpose: living through the rhythm of jazz. All welcome. From novice to experts, we will be one circle of dance.

A Very Special Downtown Stomp!

Join us for our weekly Downtown Stomp dance and enjoy the rare opportunity to share the dance floor with no other than Ramona Staffeld! Our DJs are preparing an unforgettable night of music. Of course, the night will also include our regular intro class and intermediate lesson at 8:30pm.

More info to come…

Morning – Foundations (2h)

More to come
Work in progress…

Afternoon – Challenge (2h)

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Special Dance and LIVE BAND

More to come
Work in progress…

Morning – Foundations (2h)

More to come
Work in progress…

Afternoon – Challenge (2h)

More to come
Work in progress…

Teacher Training no3

Reflection on the week

A last gathering (2h) to share food and look back on the week we’ve spent together with Ramona and the Teacher training participants.

Our guest teacher

Ramona Staffeld is a dancer in every sense of the word. Trained from an early age, she practices multiple dance styles and cultures of movement. She fell in love with Jazz dance, with the swing of Lindy hop, with the percussive music of Tap dance. Her calling is tangible, her joy is genuine, her dedication to sustain and develop the tradition and values of the dance destined her to become a true artist and unparalleled educator.

Currently residing in Melbourne, Australia, her presence in the area is a rare treasure, an opportunity to be seized without hesitation !

Ramona Staffeld

Teaching and Inspiration
Ramona’s classes are both fun and challenging. She is extremely professional, while at the same time, warm and welcoming. Her classes challenge students to participate and become self aware, taking ownership over the process of learning. Ramona’s joy is infectious and genuine. Her example is one of hard work, bravery, and respect for one another. She understands the basic human desire to connect, and values partner dancing for that very reason. She is perpetually guided by the vision of her greatest teacher, Frankie Manning, and is eternally grateful. Ramona emphasises listening, rhythm, musicality, and improvisation, as the heart of jazz dance. Her deep love and understanding of music is passed on to her students through her example in and out of class.
More about her and her many accomplishments here: http://ramonastaffeld.com

Prerequisites to the dance workshop: a desire to learn, to listen, to watch, to feel. Jazz is for all. Jazz is for you!

Prerequisites to the teacher training: a desire to transmit, to dig deeper, to embark upon a long-term training to introduce and guide newcomers into a dance, a culture, a tradition rich in history, anecdotes, lived experience of pioneers no short of passion, resilience and nobility.