Open House : Sept 9-15th

Welcome to Cat’s Corner

From september 9th to 15th all of our classes are FREE!
Come learn the basics of swing or try a new style you’ve never done before like shag, balboa or blues!

Friday night we all dance together at the Downtown Stomp, featuring demonstrations by the teachers!

Reserve your spot here:

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Nuit Blanche

Cat’s Corner invites you to a unique world tour of swing dances. Every hour, from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m., a different country will be highlighted. You will discover a new point of view on swing, its local history and its specific cultural development. Performances and lessons every hour!

FREE event. No reservation required. Just bring a pair of clean shoes!

Tap Jam

Join us for a monthly Tap Jam with the incredible Majiza Philip!
5pm: Drop in lesson
6pm : Tap Jam
Cost : $10
Next edition: March 23rd at our studio 3451 Saint Laurent

What is a tap jam? Its a chance to practice your improvised tap dance. All levels are welcome!
To see what it looks like, check out our recent stories on Instagram

Vernacular Spectacular

Vernacular Spectacular – A Spring Workshop

Cat’s Corner invites you to the 2019 edition of our spring workshop – the Vernacular Spectacular

Registration opens February 11 2019 

Click here for the schedule and more details
Follow the event on Facebook for updates 

An annual event: The spring workshops at Cat’s Corner are put on every year to offer the community an opportunity to learn and be inspired by invited artists and bring together dancers of all levels in a learning experience.

This year Cat’s Corner presents The Vernacular Spectacular! We’re dreaming big this year. We strongly believe that Jazz dance cannot exist in isolation. It needs external influences to grow and be part of a living culture.

Upcoming events

Upcoming events