CCX 2019 – Cat’s Corner Exchange – Welcome to our home!

CCX 2019 – Cat’s Corner Exchange – Welcome to our home! SOLD OUT!

Our event of annual celebration is now SOLD OUT! Write us an email at to request to be put on our waiting list.

A weekend of social dancing and live music, of gathering old friends and creating new ones, where jazz brings us together. A weekend to be inspired, to play, sweat and swing night and day.

This year, we are welcoming a very special guest: our star bass player Jen Hodge coming all the way from Vancouver.

All informations can be found on our website, on the Facebook page and some more on Instagram.

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November session 2019

November Session, 2019

Next session starts November 4th. It is still time to register!

Our regular classes are on the menu, from swing 1 to 6 ; balboa 1 and 2 ; charleston 2 and 3 ; shag ; solo…
Treat yourself with the joy of slowing down the tempo with :

  • “Slow Jazz” taught by Natalya Alissa & Davis Thurber
  • “Slow Bal” taught by Cara De Granpré & Steve Murphy

Or explore the JAZZ, its dance, music and truly fascinating culture & stories by joining the :

  • “Track” led by Sylwia Bielec, Meghan Gilmore & friends
  • “Music LAB” swing vs latin with Emily Estrella & Davis Thurber


Tap classes

Tap program

Cat’s Corner’s tap classes are monthly based.
They are 1h15 long and happen on Fridays at 6pm or 7:15pm.

Sessions start on the first Friday of each month.
– To start with the intro class, register by following this link HERE.
– If you already have some tap experience, write us at and we’ll direct you to the appropriate class to meet your teacher and evaluate your level with her.

The cost of one month of tap classes is $85 (tx incl) or 75$ if you chose the auto-payment option with a 3 months minimum subscription.

If you are interested in tap classes for kids, they happen on Saturday mornings. Follow this link HERE or email us for more information.

6-7pm Drop-In classes

Cat’s Corner new Drop-in classes

From Monday to Thursday, 6-7pm, $10/class.

Brand new at Cat’s Corner, we offer new drop-in classes from 6-7pm every day from Monday to Thursday.

Monday Solo Jazz – Tuesday Charleston – Wednesday Blues – Thursday Balboa

Each of these classes will offer an hour of intensive practice, no blabla, lots of do-do, to practice your solo as much as your couple dancing, and work on your side of the partnership. Follow the instructor and keep the rhythm. Watch, do, repeat, move on… Perfect to review what you’ve learned in your regular classes and catch something new, and dance without thinking.
No partner, no registration, no commitment. Your new favorite moment of the week:

« All Solo – No Blabla – Practice, dance, drill »

$10 at the door or buy a drop-in card ($50). Get 6 classes for the price of 5!

See you tonight!

Open House : Sept 9-15th

Welcome to Cat’s Corner

From september 9th to 15th all of our classes are FREE!
Come learn the basics of swing or try a new style you’ve never done before like shag, balboa or blues!

Friday night we all dance together at the Downtown Stomp, featuring demonstrations by the teachers!

Reserve your spot here:

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Kids dance classes

We are extremely excited to launch our very first KIDS PROGRAM on Saturdays!
You can find the class descriptions available HERE and register to the classes by emailing us at

The fall session lasts 12 weeks (no classes on Nov 2nd), from September 21st to December 14th. Classes are 45min long. New kids are welcome to join anytime. We will adjust the pricing of the session accordingly.

For parents: drop-in swing class (depending on demand) at the same time as your kids!

REVISED Schedule:
10:30AM Tap 3-5 + Swing 6-9
11:15-12:00 Lunch break
12:00PM Tap 6-9
01:00PM Tap2 6-9 (1 year experience)

Pricing (adjusted to your registration date):
– 195$ for 12 weeks
– 175$ for the 2nd family member
– 150$ for the 3rd family member

The more the merrier! Bring the whole family and the friends of the family and your whole neighbourhood! Cat’s Corner is a space for you!

Everything about the New Program at Cat’s Corner

This year, we want to dream big with lots and lots of projects for the community, for the dance, for the school, to feed our souls.
We dream of a school that inspires, that dares to take chances and creates opportunities, and… brings in the younger generations! Welcome to Cat’s Corner!

With love from the new co-owners,
– Anaïs & Meghan (les nouvelles co-propriétaires)

(click on the title for all the juicy information!)

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Back to school 2019

Our Big September session is coming quickly.

Most information will be revealed in August. In the meantime, here are some dates to put in your agenda:

  • August 19th, 2019 – Registrations for September session open
  • August 26-27th, 2019 – Troupe Auditions in Lindy hop, Balboa, Blues and Chorus Line
  • September 1st, 2019 – Last day to take advantage of the Early Bird discount (-25$)
  • September 2-15th, 2019 – Open house and free classes
  • September 16th, 2019 – Start of the September session

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