4h intensive workshops on Sundays

Our Bootcamps are 4h intensive classes.

They take place on Sundays from 12:30pm to 4:30pm and change topic every week.

The goal is to learn either the basics of a new dance or to improve a specific aspect of a dance you’re already doing.

Fees are 60$/class online and 70$ at the door. You can get a 20$ discount if you register for 2 Bootcamps at the same time, which means 2 Bootcamps for 100$.

To register, follow this link.
To access the Facebook event page, follow this link.

Calendar :

January 5th 2020 – Charleston

4 intensive hours of 100% Charleston with Moh and Ashley. Learn new sequences, improve your agility, consolidate your foundations and be ready to play with your feet and your whole body! A Sunday afternoon to look forward to!

January 19th 2020 – Beginner Blues

4 intensive hours to start learning the ABC of Blues! Get familiar with commonly used steps and the what is what of blues movements and blues music! Be ready to step of the dance floor and participate in the conversation.

January 26th 2020 – Solo Jazz “The Big Apple Contest”

4 intensive hours to learn the world famous Big Apple choreographed by Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers Frankie Manning for the movie “Keep Punching”. An afternoon to discover steps and details a plenty! Develop your sense of style and be ready to join and add your voice to this festive jazz circle!

February 2nd 2020 – Beginner Collegiate Shag

Have your noticed this fun dance called the Collegiate Shag on the dance floor? Underated for no good reasons, this swing dance is as playful as it is energizing! Come spend an afternoon with our passionate teachers and join the MTL Shag movement! Enjoy!

February 9th 2020 – Beginner Balboa

You’ve always dreamed of learning this classic swing dance from California? You’ll be quickly charmed by its sophisticated footworks and elegant turns. This is the perfect opportunity to get a lot in one shot. And you’re in luck! It will allow you to join the 2nd half of the Bal Intro at the Feb/March session! Join the Bal movement!

February 16 2020 – Blues for blues dancers (open level)

Blues is a total culture. It is filled with human stories, regional specificities, a variety of emotions, steps and musical styles. Come spend a full afternoon and explore its dances, learn, dance. Be ready to feel moved and equiped to share each moment fully.

February 23rd 2020 – Oldey Ballroom dances

Learn ballroom dances that all could dance during the Swing era, like the Foxtrot, the Waltz but also the Mambo! Emily Estrella invites you to broaden your horizon and be versatile on the dance floor! You’ll be able to dance to all tempos and all rhythms, change your steps to follow the music and its variety. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!