The next session of classes starts April 1st! We have several new class topics this session, register before March 17th to get the early bird price and save $25!

Focus classes: beginner (swing 1-2) or intermediate-advanced
Personal attention is the focus of this class. Registrations will be limited so that each person can benefit from individual time with the teachers throughout the session. The content of the class will be decided on based on the needs of the participants. If you want to slow down the rhythm and spend more time on tricky topics before moving on to the next level, this class is for you. Or maybe you missed several classes last session, or you prefer the small group dynamic. This might be the place you want to be!

Lindy U (swing 6+)
Lindy U is the option between classes and troupes. It’s based on the individual needs of the participants and allows you to deepen your understanding of several aspects of the dance and it’s culture (music, improvisation, technique, partnership). A session of Lindy U is 12 weeks long. If you go out social dancing regularly, you have taken several classes and you are looking to push your dance, this class is for you! With Phil G & Andréanne + more surprise guests
Bal Adv (bal 4+)
For Balboa dancers who have already done troupes or Balboa U, we invite you to an advanced class with Kim & Felix!
Charleston (swing 3+)
The 1920s charleston, popularized across the world by Josephine Baker, is recognizable by the posture and a distinctive twist in the feet. In this class you’ll learn classic steps both solo and in partnership giving you plenty to practice with when the music gets Hot! (with Mohammad and Ashley)

Solo Jazz (open level)
The Charleston, Truckin’ or the Suzie-Q were the ‘urban dances’ of the jazz era and these steps are still visible in the street dances of today. In the Swing Era, people constantly danced in pairs and by themselves, breaking away, doing line dances and jamming on their own. Use your Shim Sham steps, learn new ones, mix them up and start improvising!
Jam Circle (swing 4+)
The culture of jazz dances is based on the circle. It’s a space to share, to be in community, to express yourself and to recognize others. Familiarize yourself with the ways of a jam circle. When to come in, how to get out, for celebrating birthdays, for showing off with a friend, how to steal-in and duck out. All tempos. Multi-level. Good fun. (avec Megan S et Phil H)