Friday, October 28th 2016 - 8:30 pm

Celebrating 18 Years of Lindy Hop in Montreal October 28th to 30th, 2016

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In 2008, we decided to celebrate our 10th year anniversary and more than 200 dancers came out to celebrate with us! Since then, it has become an annual tradition and every year CCX reunites Lindy Hoppers and Blues dancers from Montreal and our friends from out of town.


We are excited to welcome the Sugar Foot Stompers  as well as Emily Estrella & Friends to this year’s CCX.

sugar foot stompers

The Sugar Foot Stompers are a Toronto, ON based swing band started by long time Lindy Hoppers Caitlin and Steve Wellman. Combining their music and dance experiences they set out to start a band strictly for dancers with a song selection of classic swing  tunes that also draws from Toronto’s rich New Orleans Trad connections. The band is made up of some of Toronto most accomplished jazz musicians featuring Caitlin Wellman on vocals, Steve Wellman on drums, Gram Whitty on bass, Jacqueline Chia on trombone, Kevin Miller on banjo, Charlie Trainor on Piano and Toby Hughes on saxophone and clarinet.


In collaboration with a group of veteran instrumentalists, singer Emily Estrella has a sultry, ‘old soul’ voice that evokes the Dixie ghosts of a previous century. Charismatic and joyous, their fine dancing melodies will have you swinging and swooning with a romantic nostalgia reminiscent of a wartime Parisian cafe or a smoky European stage. You’ll be tapping your toes to the robust rhythms as they share their contagious repertoire of traditional and exceptional, acoustic New Orleans Jazz.



Hailing from Harlem, NY, Ethel traveled to Montreal in 1953 for a 3-week long gig, as she was touring and dancing for the Cab Calloway orchestra. Once in Montreal, she was scooped up by an agent at age 17 and offered to work 365 days a year in some of Downtown Montreal’s 980 clubs, such as the famous Rockhead’s Paradise. The city was known then as the “Neon city” or the “Las Vegas of the North” and was at the height of its jazz era. She quickly made up her mind and decided to stay to become Montreal’s “Queen of Afro-Cuban” and eventually settled down to open her own Tap school in Dorval, passing down the tradition of rhythm tap. She since trained some of the best Canadian tap dancers, like Travis Knights, Tanya Rivard, Justin Jackson and Anna Pacanins.

During her childhood in Harlem, she attended the Mary Bruce Dancing School where Frankie Manning’s own son, Chazz Young used to take classes, like thousands of Harlem kids. Some of Bruce’s renowned pupils included Marlon Brando, Katherine Dunham, Jeni LeGon and Josephine Primus. Ethel started tapping at age 3 and took all the classes she could find: from Honi Coles, Cholly Atkins, Henry LeTang… “I was listening, always to the big band music. And it just washed over me. I lived it – I started breathing it.” At her uncle’s rehearsal hall, Ethel hung around all of the Apollo Theater headliners, like Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Count Basie, Hot Lips Page, tap dancers Teddy Hill, Sandman Sims… She “sneaked in” the Savoy Ballroom where her “mom used to hide [her] under the tables in case the cops came in.”

“Miss Swing”, as the media likes to call her, turned 80 this year, and we are extremely honored to have her join us to celebrate 18 years of jazz and dance in the form of Lindy hop and swing dancing at Cat’s Corner.


-Main Dance (Lindy Hop): Sugar Foot Stompers
-Late Night (Lindy Hop, Blues): DJ

-Afternoon Apéro Balboa (Balboa): DJ + Emily Estrella & Friends
-Main Dance (Lindy Hop): Sugar Foot Stompers
-Late Night (Lindy Hop, Blues): DJ + TBA

-Soul Brunch (Soul): DJ Mike Thibault, DJ Alain Fragman
-Blues at Cat’s Corner (Blues): Emily Estrella & Friends

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SATURDAY Teacher Talk –

12:30-2:30, Cat’s Corner Studio

Some of you may have heard about our Great Swing One Experiment that we started in 2013, after Lennart Westerlund’s week long residency in Montreal. That was a special moment of confluence for many Cats Corner dancers and teachers, largely fuelled by our studio’s commitment to a reflective practice model of teacher education. Come find out about the GS1E, our pathways into rhythm, individual expression and the jazz tradition at the CCX Teacher Talk. Special out of town guests will also share experiences regarding their own teaching approaches in the context of the CC values.

Join us again this year as we celebrate 18 years of Lindy Hop in Montreal!